List of guild ranks (from low to high):

Force Sensitive (Recruit) - Entry level, access to general guild chat, no Discord access.  Guild bank access limited to donating to the bank. MUST register with the guild website and add all toons, even if you only have one, within 5 days of being admitted into the guild, otherwise you will be removed.

Acolyte** (Full Member) - Able to access the "Acolyte and Up" guild bank tabs, Discord access, able to join us on raids.

Sith Master (Raid Member) - Able to set guild rank up to Acolyte, able to access guild bank (full access), able to invite new members, Discord access.

Darth (Officer) - Make up the "Dark Council*”, consulted in all major guild decisions, access to officer chat, Discord access, able to add officer notes, able to set guild rank up to Sith Master, able to invite new members, has a major responsibility (Web Officer, Personnel Officer, etc).

Emperor Emeritus (Former Guild Master) - Full guild privileges.  Able to set all ranks except Emperor, Emperor's Voice, Emperor's Wrath.  Able to invite and remove members.

Emperor's Wrath (Guild Second in Command) - Full guild privileges, able to set all ranks except Emperor and Emperor's Wrath.  Able to invite and remove members.

Emperor/Emperor's Voice Guildmaster/Assistant Guild Master) - Full guild privileges, able to set all ranks, able to invite and remove members.

* The Dark Council consists of the members who have been promoted to Darth as well as the Emperor(GM).  The GM reserves the right to have final say in any decision even when the Dark Council is consulted.  It is however highly unlikely as they are valued and have earned the title and right to help make decisions.

** You must have all of your characters in our guild to be promoted above Acolyte.

Promotion information for each of the above ranks:

Force Sensitive (Recruit) - Be invited to the guild

Acolyte (Full member) - Be an active member, register and list all characters on the guild website (This is a requirement to raid and to use Discord).  Must pay attention to guild chat. (This goes for all ranks.)

Sith Master (Raid Member, PvP Team, or Very Active Member) Continue to be an active member, help out with groups when available, contribute to the guild with crew skills, and contribute to the guild bank with good item drops, high level mats, crafted items and excess credits or items.  You must have been in the guild for one month to be considered for promotion to Sith Master.  Must have Discord and a mic.

Darth (Officer) - Show interest in the greater good of the guild, contribute by taking on a major responsibility and MUST have Discord with a working mic.  You must have held the rank of Sith Master for at least three months to be considered for a Darth position.  The Dark Council MUST be consulted for promotion to Darth.

Emperor Emeritus (Former Guild Master) - Position held by those who have served as the Guildmaster of Children of Korriban and have since stepped down.  Unattainable outside of those circumstances.

Emperor's Voice (Assistant Guild Master) -  Alts of the Emperor/Emperor's Wrath

Emperor's Wrath (Guild Second in Command) - Advanced officer position granted to the main of the guild second in command (Assistant Guild Master).  Assists in the day to day necessities of running the guild.   Maintains integrity of information between the website and in-game guild page.  Involved heavily in recruiting and guild mergers/alliances.  Handles discipline and removal of members if the need arises.  Constantly directly connected to the guild gmail.  This position can require one or two slots.

Emperor (Guildmaster) - Involved in the day to day necessities of running the guild.   Maintains integrity of information between the website and in game guild page.  Manages the purchase of enjin website time.  Works with the communications officer to make sure the Discord server is up to date.  Involved heavily in recruiting and guild mergers/alliances.  Handles discipline and removal of members if the need arises.  Constantly directly connected to the guild gmail.  This position only requires one slot.

The Guildmaster and Assistant Guildmaster know how to take care of all of the Officer Extra Responsibilities in the event one of the officers is not able to be contacted.

Officer Extra Responsibilities:

Here is the current list of the officer extra responsibilities.  To obtain the rank of Darth, you will need to take on one of these rolls.  Please let the Dark Council know if you think of another responsibility to add or if you are interested in taking on one of these responsibilities.  Taking on one of the officer responsibilities is required to be promoted to Darth.

Personnel Officer - Go-to person for others to contact about anything and everything when the GM or other Dark Council members are not available, in charge of welcoming new recruits, informing them about promotion requirements and the guild website, and taking care of member notes.  Also assists in guild recruitment - Full ~ Cenobiah

Grand Warlord - Raid leader:  In charge of deciding where loot goes during an operation.  Class Specialization Officer:  Knowledge of classes and how to build a character.  PvP Officer: In charge of organizing and running PvP nights - Full ~ Xiphinos

Web Master - In charge of keeping the website up to date to include, but not limited to forums, events, and member lists as well as owning and administering the guild communications - Full ~ Xor

Guild Engineer - In charge of keeping track of everyone's crafting skills and schematics.  Maintains a list of what crafting mats are required from the crafters.  Is a go-to person for crafting questions/help with crafting/augmenting.  In charge of keeping the Class/Spec section of the forums up to date with useful information about each class and specialization, in charge of coordinating flagship crafting materials and decorations - Full ~ Argentum


Please feel free to inquire about promotions at any time. See the member page on this site or press G in game and then click "more details” for a list of current ranks within the guild.  If your rank on the website does not match your rank in the game please let one of us know.

If you have problems with a player and think they should be removed, or if you wish to commend a player for exemplary behavior please feel free to email us at or message an officer in game.