About Us

Xor a posted Feb 3, 17

About Us

We are a diverse group and would like to recruit all different types of people. We want everyone to enjoy the game and play according to their own style.

Do you like Operations? We do too! Like PVP? We have people who do that (Some of us are quite good at it... some, not so much). Like leveling alts?, Love decorating your strongholds?, Enjoy playing dress up and have way too many outfit slots?, World boss killing, conquest point gathering or just plain ole killing stuff? We have people who like to do all aspects of the game! The main thing is to have fun and get to play with some really cool, enjoyable, and social people. Anyone from the casual player to the highly skilled raider should fit in just fine.

Social Gaming

We are social and fun to talk with and look forward to welcoming newcomers of all skill levels into our guild. We are searching for compatible people who will blend well with our easy going laid back playstyle and our funny and sometimes a little bit inappropriate sense of humor (Ok… a lot a bit inappropriate). We have a good time talking, laughing, and giving lighthearted jabs to each other in Discord. All full Guild members (Acolyte and above) have access to it. Just ask an officer (Sith Master and above) for the login info. After all, MMO's are more entertaining when you have people to talk to!

Casual and Team Based Operations

We are casual players. We try to run a little bit of everything. All we ask from you is that if you are online please pay attention to guild chat and do your best to help people out when possible. We are more than happy to help get you geared by running operations and flashpoints. In fact, that is what we do most nights. We understand that many people aren't hardcore raiders and aren't geared for HM/NiM Ops, and that is fine because that is not who we are looking for. If you are geared that high you are still welcome to join, but it is NOT a requirement.

We don’t require any kind of schedule nor do we care about what kind of numbers you parse. This is a video game and it is meant to be fun. We have created an environment that is very conducive to not only gaming at a high level but also to making friends with our guild mates and forming bonds that are bigger than just running operations together.

Even if you have never raided (ran an operation) in SWTOR or any other MMO we will still welcome you to raid with us. We will not laugh at you for failing... we will jokingly poke fun and laugh with you though.
For those that like a little bit more of a challenge, we do still run some Hard Mode operations.

Note: Please understand, this guild is in no way a progression guild.


Some of us do a lot of crafting in the guild. If you need a certain piece of gear, ask online or post it in the forums. Odds are someone has the schematic to help you out.
To help support our crafting and other storage needs we have a 6 tab guild bank and fully decorated guild ship and stronghold.

What we are looking for in a guild member

• Friendly, cooperative, willing to help, kind, and respectful toward others.
• The group is bi-coastal, so any North American time zone is fine.
• Age 18+ -- Adult language is tolerated (and sometimes encouraged) as long as it does not become offensive. We are for sure R-rated. We appreciate a good or smart mouthed remark, but we know where the line is and don’t cross it (Usually). Most of our members are in their mid-20s to mid-30s but we do have some younger members and some older members.
• If you are mature, have a good attitude, a sense of humor, are willing to wipe a few times to learn fight mechanics (We call this Learn by Dying), are reliable and show up when you say you will, you will fit right in.

We appreciate hardcore players and we honor your dedication, but unless you are looking for a casual, laid-back change of pace, we are probably not the right guild for you. We want to have fun and that is our main goal.

Note: All players, men and women, gay or straight, and people of any race, are welcome and will be treated with respect. There is a ZERO tolerance rule on discrimination. We are a guild that will treat anyone and everyone with the respect they deserve. Violation of this rule will be met with removal from the guild as well as being reported.


Guild Recruitment Application – Apply for membership to the guild at this link
Contact the following people in game for more information:
Personnel Officer: Cenobiah
Guild Master: Kek
*Any Sith Master or above on our website can shoot you an in game invite to the guild*