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Like a bad penny...

Kekldah a posted Feb 27, 17

J'nor has resubscribed to SWTOR.  He will be taking over Emperor's Wrath duties as well as assisting Ceno and myself with guild recruiting.   Welcome home J..... Dirty healer.... 

and put on your pants!

Saurat welcome back!
Kekldah a Live shot of how excited J'nor is: https://s3media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/488/485/485488.jpg
Khris Welcome Back J'nor! Very glad you're back with us!

Honey, I'm home!

Kekldah a posted Feb 4, 17

Effective immediately I have agreed to resume the role of CoK Guildmaster.  With my son now sleeping through the night consistently, it's affording me the ability to spend considerably more time in-game.  I'd like to thank V'thell for handling things and (I hate to admit) being an excellent GM during my leave of absence.  As is our standard policy and GM golden parachute package, all of V's toons have been migrated to our Emperor Emeritus guild rank.  

The Dark Council and I, led by our Personnel Officer Ceno will be aggressively recruiting the SWTOR forums, Reddit and in-game to further boost our numbers.  We're optimistic that with the GC changes happening next week as well as the Operations CXP improvements down the road, we'll be able to run uprisings and/or raid just about every night.

Khris A Big Welcome Back Kek!! Great to have you back On-line!!
Teclado Welcome back, Kek.
Argentum I always knew I heard a moose behind some of those locked doors on the ship...

HM Team in need of a DPS

Jerome a posted Jan 8, 17

We are looking for a DPS for our HM team that runs Sunday nights at 7pm PST. We are a fun and laid back group.  Please let me or Nirht know if you are interested in the opening or if you have any other questions.


Decaff When I get my guy to current level I would be happy to join, If there is still a spot Avail of course
Saurat i'm interested, however i am usually not home until 2330 EST since i get out of work around 2300 and am usually at ...
The Todd I put in for sunday nights off at work today, so should be on sunday nights except for when game of thrones and walking ...


Please join me in welcoming Ceno, Xiph  and Argentum to their new officer positions.

Ceno is taking on the roll of Personnel Officer.  In this roll, she will assist us with bringing in new recruits via the application acception, as well as being a go to for any personnel based concerns.

Xiph will be taking on the roll of our Guild Warlord.  He will be in charge of running raids, PvP, and be our Class Spec go to person.

Argentum will be the Guild Engineer. His responsibilities will be to help us navigate 5.0 crafting skills and mats to help members with a list of materials needed or a crafter in the guild that can help them out.  Argentum will also be decorating the Guild Ship and Stronghold.


Nipp Congrats! Much deserved
Prophet Congrats!
Xiphinos You forgot to add cleaning, sweeping, and dusting the guild stronghold and ship under Ceno's responsibilities. (Pro...

HM Operation Team

Jerome a posted Nov 1, 16

We are looking for a DPS to be a back up for our HM team.  Please let me or Thrin know if you are interested in joining the group.

Teclado If I'm online, feel free to poke me. Mara dps, Merc heals. Malovo / Malivó. I'd love to join for HM, ju...
V'thell a Fuck. That reminds me that the time change is coming up enjin always fucks up when that happens.
Jerome a You're correct Argentum. We are starting at our normal time (7pm PST). Something went wrong with the reoccurring ev...