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Due to the current lack of new endgame content, we have disabled the Guild Membership App link and have (at least temporarily) shut down recruiting.

- Kek

Khris Thx for the heads up Kek

There is an opening for a healer on the HM Ops team that runs on Sundays.
They run Sundays at 7pm PST. Please contact Xiphinos if you are interested.



I have made a few small changes to the calendar.  Every night the event is called "Casual Operations or Misc Group.  The description reads "Please sign up! This event will either be an operation, PvP, or some other kind of group event, depending on how many people are available."  This is pretty self explanatory but basically we'll do whatever the group size dictates while trying to include everybody in the decision of what is ran each night.  It will ultimately be decided by the assigned raid leader of that particular night.  (If you would like to sign up to be a raid leader please see this post.)

To use the calendar you simply click on the CALENDAR AND EVENTS tab on this website. The CALENDAR AND EVENTS tab is located between the MEMBERS tab and the PROMOTION tab near the top of any page you are viewing on this website.

Here is a direct link to it: http://childrenofkorriban.enjin.com/events

Thank you all!!!! 

Kekldah a You misspelled I jacked the calendar and you have to re-sign up for everything. You really should ask Alexa to help you...

Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife

J'nor a posted May 4, 17

Hello Children!

Get ready to be shaken to your core!  :D  Xor and I are back in command.  Kek has decided not to continue his subscription to SWTOR (and I don’t blame him, I think Bioware wants this game dead).  Because of this, he has decided to give the guild to me.  I talked with Xor last night and he will be the second-in-command.

For those of you that don’t know, Xor and I are the founders and original GMs of this guild.

We want everyone to know that virtually nothing will change with us being in charge.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or complaints.

We will try our best to be in game more often now that we are in this position.  If we are not in game just know that we are only a click away.  You can email us at childrenofkorriban@gmail.com or send a direct message on the guild website www.childrenofkorriban.enjin.com

Happy Gaming!

J’nor and Xor

lamooreus I'm still around everyone. It's just been an insanely busy year but now that my teaching at the Conservatory i...
Haychu No u
Khris Kek's to busy playing a pixie Asura or maybe a leaf girl with root rot lol - Welcome back Guys!!

Like a bad penny...

Kekldah a posted Feb 27, 17

J'nor has resubscribed to SWTOR.  He will be taking over Emperor's Wrath duties as well as assisting Ceno and myself with guild recruiting.   Welcome home J..... Dirty healer.... 

and put on your pants!

Saurat welcome back!
Kekldah a Live shot of how excited J'nor is: https://s3media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/488/485/485488.jpg
Khris Welcome Back J'nor! Very glad you're back with us!