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V'thell a posted Aug 27, 16

We had a minor issue develop with TS sometime over the last week. The server address was changed without them letting us know. The new address is listed in the TS3 info thread, once you change it you will be able to use TS3 again.

If you happen to have any issues with TS3 contact Xor here on the forums or through the guild email childrenofkorriban@gmail.com 


All the power!!!

V'thell a posted Jul 7, 16

So as you may know from his post two posts down, Kek has retired as our shameful leader. He asked me to take over and I accepted. I just want to let you all know that I have no plans to do any drastic changes at this time. Having said that, if you have any suggestions for a change feel free to contact me here on Enjin or in game on any of my toons. 

As you may have noticed from Xors post, one post down, we are looking for people to recruit new members for the guild while they are online. If you are interested let us know on enjin or at the guild gmail childrenofkorriban@gmail.com That email goes directly to Kek, Xor, J'nor, and myself.

I also want to let you guys know that we will probably be moving our TS server again some time in the next week. As usual we will let you all know here on site when the move is happening and when it is done.



Eid'olon The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor!
A'grey So is it now "Emperor "V""? I am confused..

Recruitment Assistance

Xor a posted Jul 6, 16

Title pretty much says it all.  Our new overlord would like to improve our numbers.  We are looking for a person, and maybe even persons to help with in game recruitment.

If this sounds like something you would want to do, please contact V, J, or Xor and we will get you more information and set up to succeed.  


CoK Guildmaster change

Kekldah a posted Jul 6, 16

It is with considerable sadness that I feel I must step down as Guildmaster of Children of Korriban indefinitely.  With the birth of my son a week ago, I no longer have the time I feel is necessary to devote to the guild.   It has been an honor and a privilege to helm this guild for the past 2 years.  

I leave you in capable, albeit psychotic hands in V'thell. I have every confidence that he'll abuse his powers and torture many of you mercilessly as any good Sith Emperor would.  

I'll still be on the guild site regularly and in game from time to time.  It's been a blast.  Thank you to all of you for making this guild special!

- Kek

Haychu I dunno how you you actually end up with a worse gm after you replace Kek but you guys managed it, congrats!
Khris Kek, you're awesome, have always appreciated your time and help and I always enjoy the banter between you and the o...
Agapetos As Hancock would say: "Good Job, Good Job" Will miss you, but enjoy your time with your baby. They g...

Hard Mode Operations to make a return to casual raid nights!!!!
Due to the great success and interest lately in running HM operations, we will be experimenting with running HM ops more often during the week.  We would like to remind everyone in this guild that we are a casual guild first and foremost.  We will need to keep this in mind at all times while running the HM ops. Those of you who have been around long enough remember that we had to cancel the HM ops in late 2015 because the casual aspect of the guild had vanished.  The plan going forward is to decide at the time of forming, if we will try to run a HM op or the SM op (GF or non GF). 

The invites will go off of the sign up sheet in a first come first serve basis. (please write in the note section what your sign up order is to help the person forming the group)

SM gear runs for new guildies will always out weigh an HM run so they will be able to participate in HM runs later on.

Please make sure you have at least 216 comm gear (preferred 216 token gear) with augments prior to attempting HM content.

Refer to Bant's optimized stats as a guideline for your stat pool.

Practice your rotation if you are a dps (a lot of bosses have very tight enrage timers in HM content) a good number to shoot for is above 5700 on a parsing dummy with the shattered armor debuff. Ask guild members for help if you're struggling in any role.

Please read up or watch a video on the HM fights to familiarize yourself with it. This will help during last minute explanations.   The HM videos are posted on our guild site in the guild raiding tab -> raid walkthroughs -> then click on the hard mode video you would like to watch.

Loot rules will be as follows: a main character will ALWAYS have priority access to the gear before any alts.  Please be aware that means that you may not receive a piece of gear that night, but by gearing someone's main, we are stronger in the long run.

Priority HM (224 gear) loot rules will be (1) 224 piece an operation/night. If an operation spans multiple nights, we need to ensure that everyone has a chance to get 224 gear meaning people who won on the first night, cannot role until everyone has won a piece of 224 gear. If there are multiple HM runs in a night, once everyone has received a 224 piece, then the rolls reset. Once again if you win a second piece, you must wait until all others have received their second piece.

The exotic isotopes will be randomed to speed up the loot delivery time.

The dark matter catalysts will be rolled for. Participants can win one DMC a night until everyone has won a DMC.

If all goes well, we are planning on runnig 16M HM content towards the end of the May/ early June

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns



Up the Irons You said that we should at least have 216 com gear but do you know the fastest way to get them because if we do all near...
Teclado Cool! Now if I can just get off work...
MisterJ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RjKHKqALyd8asWWHd0z_hrPzSpEgPb3mRlNiDUjcu0U/edit#gid=0]